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Paradigm and Other Short Stories -
Four science fiction short stories in a stunning anthology

Reviews for 'Paradigm and Other Short Stories'

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"I absolutely loved this collection of stories. The writing is original and vivid. I highly recommend this book to any science fiction fans. Every story is unique and worth reading!"

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“One of the most fun and captivating short story collections I've had the pleasure of reading! Paradigm is my favorite story (we stan a solid multiverse workplace romance) but all of the stories have their own charm to them that gives an incredible experience for each tale. Excellent work and excellent writing all around!”

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“Imaginative and exciting! This compilation of sci-fi short stories is an exceptional journey through imaginative worlds and profound themes. From first encounters to dystopian futures, each story captivates, and the anthology leaves the reader wanting more.”

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The Author

Edgar Paul Hubbs is an emerging author and Colorado native with a lifelong passion for exploring the Rocky Mountains, stargazing, reading novels, and playing video games.

He studied English at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, where he honed his craft as a writer. E.P.'s debut science fiction collection is a captivating exploration of other worlds, peoples, and possibilities.

Through his writing, he inspires readers to allow themselves to dream, and to ask themselves "what if." With his thought-provoking and entertaining prose, E.P. seeks to uncover what makes us human, what drives us, and also what terrifies us.

When he's not writing, E.P. spends his time with his wife Megan and their two dogs, always eager to uncover new adventures and ideas.

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